Why natural dye has disappeared from our wardrobes?

Pourquoi la teinture végétale a diparu de nos penderies


Natural dye is an ancestral know-how which consists in dyeing fabrics with natural dyes recipes made from plants, fruits or even minerals.

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Fibre Bio fournisseur de tissus teints en végétalNatural colors Fibre Bio


Unfortunately, this know-how has progressively been abandoned  in favour of synthetic dyes, which have convinced manufacturer in the textile sector for several reasons:

  • Dyes made from chemical ingredients are less expensive than natural dyes.
  • Synthetic dye requires less working time and less complexity. It is about following the same recipe to get the same color. While, in natural dye, colors and recipes vary depending on the plant used, the fabric and its preparation.
  • In chemical dyeing, it is easy to reproduce a uniform color given. This facilitates the work of manufacturer who can produce identical color on a very large scale.
  • Synthetic dyes have quickly adapted to the industrialization process of the textile sector. They developed themselves along with the production machinery, which made it possible to quickly switch to large quantities of production and in this way, favor the economy of scale.


Despite the various advantages of chemical dyes for the manufacturers, they are still dangerous for those who wear them and of course for nature. Indeed, to get for example 1kg of synthetic dyes, we need :

1000 liters of water + 100 kg of raw petroleum + 9,3 kg of chemical products. (Source: https://vimeo.com/294545135)


The industrialization of textile production has negative consequences on natural dyes. The artisan dyers were not able to adapt themselves to new machinery and to the growing needs of the textile sector. Work remained artisanal, which did not allow natural dye to dig into the industrial textile sector.


Travail artisanal

Artisanal screen printing


If you are currently reading this article, it is that you have already heard about natural dye and we are really delighted about that. Natural dye in an exceptional and unique know-how which, in our opinion, must be known and enhanced.


For some years, we are assisting to a particular enthusiasm from the customers for ethical fashion, a more responsible production and consumption and people are going back to basics (zero waste, …)

Consumers are also concerned about the impact of chemical dyes on their health and the environment, which is increasing the demand of products using natural dyes. 

This is the reason why we have decided to focus our work on highlighting this amazing ancestral know-how.


So, in order to consume more responsible and to respect the environment, adopt natural dye for your wardrobe!


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