Scarf Diya – 100% Cashmere


Fabric: 100%  Cashmere

Description: This quality Cashmere scarf is extremely soft, light and thin.

The thread comes from Mongolia and the scarf itself is handwoven in the region of Penjab in India. It will accompany you everywhere from fall to spring.

Natural dyeing tips:

Animal fibers like silk and wool allow brighter dyes than cellulosic fibers (cotton, linen, hemp). Do wash this scarf in a warm water bath with Savon de Marseille type of soap and soda crystals.

For the mordant step, use Alun (25%) and cream of tartar 5% to dissolve in warm water. Wait for it to cool off before putting the scarf. Let it soak for the night.

Rinse and let it dry before dyeing.
Be very careful to avoid temperature chocs.


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