Cambric screen print – Mosaic print

You will love this splendid Mosaic print on our cambric fabric!

Why our fabric is eco-responsible ?

This organic cotton cambric is guaranteed free of GMOs, pesticides and insecticides during its cultivation. A fabric that can be used to create elegant shirts or dresses.

Made from 100% natural dyes: the mix of Madder, Flame of Forest and Pomegranate gives us this beautiful Pomo Orange colour.

At Fibre Bio we advocate zero waste: this fabric comes from the end of the rolls of the dyers we work with. This fabric is unique and there will be no restocking except in case of a professional personalised order.

So if you really like this fabric, don’t hesitate any longer!

An artisanal print

This print was made by craftsmen in India using a screen printing frame. Between a mix of know-how and passion is born the creation of prints full of history!

Want to share your 100% natural creations? Don’t hesitate any longer and join the Fibre Bio community: #FIBREBIO #NATURALDYES


Width: 105 cm
GSM : 90g

21.90 TTC

1 meters in stock

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