Organic cotton T-shirts – Ultra soft and comfortable

T-shirt Fibre Bio, coton bio certifié GOTS

Last July, during a new trip to India, Laura had the opportunity to visit an amazing company: Pratibha Syntex

This company proves that – today – in the textile industry, it is possible to create on a very high scale a viable business model while respecting at all stages of the supply chain humans and the environment. 

It is one of the biggest company manufacturer of knitted textile products in India. Its objective is to create “organic relationships” across the value chain. 

Pratibha connects 35,000 farmers, 10,000 employees and clothing brands in more than 20 countries. 


Pratibha Syntex has many certifications, but having the opportunity to visit the different production units allowed Laura to realize it efficiency and very good working conditions for the employees (the company is GOTS certified). 


All manufacturing steps are integrated to the company to get an optimal control of all these steps. Organic cotton fields are less than 100km distance for production units. The stages of spinning, knitting, dyeing and confection are all gathered in the suburbs of INDOOR, in central India. 


Despite the high minimums required by Pratibha, we could not miss the opportunity to produce t-shirts with this company. 

We are more than happy to launch the ultra-soft, 100% organic and ecological Fibre Bio’s unisex t-shirts in collaboration with Pratibha Syntex


Besides manufacturing cotton fibres, fabrics and clothing ; Pratibha is also engaged in social initiatives to create jobs for women in rural areas. 


Overview of the company:


Why unisex t-shirts?

The choice of unisex t-shirts appeared as obvious for 2 main reasons: 

  • Avoid overproduction of t-shirts in different sizes
  • Be able to offer t-shirts to men as well as women

In addition, the trend of unisex clothing had all the rage these last years. Women like to wear “loose” t-shirts for a “boyfriend” style. 


These t-shirts are made with organic cotton Jersey. 

They are soft and comfortable to wear, with a round neck to suit both men and women. 

They will be available sizes S to XL. 

You are interested? 

T-shirts are already available on pre-order. Send us an email to [email protected] to order yours! Please, mention the quantities and sizes wanted. 

Delivery is scheduled for mid-December. 


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