Khadi, an exceptional Indian fabric

Gandhi tissage khadi


Khadi is a traditional indian fabric, spun and woven by hand, respecting the environment. It is woven with natural material like cotton, silk or even wool. It represents the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. For Indians, it is a symbol of independence and resistance to colonial power.

Thus, each family could weave their own fabrics at home using a wheel called “Charkha”. Which is still the case today.


Roue Charkha Khadi

Charkha wheel, used to spin the cotton


The manufacture of this fabric allowed the Indians to advocate a return to basics and artisanal know-how.

Khadi can be used to make garments but also household linen (cushions, bedsheets, curtains, …).

This fabric is unique due to its hand weaving and can sometimes show little imperfections (that we love!). This is what gives it charm and authenticity to the Khadi.


In India, Khadi production is regulated by certifications given by “The Khadi and village industries commission” which aims to plan, promote, facilitate, organize and help the creation and development of khadi industries and villages in rural areas, in coordination with other rural development agencies if necessary. It is therefore a question of supporting the Indian craftsmen who live from this work.


Echantillon tissu khadi

At Fibre Bio, we decided to honor this fabric, full of history by offering several Khadi references.

We chose the cotton Khadi. Cotton production and weaving are done in the Gujarat region. All the steps of Khadi production being done in this same region, the ecological impact of its production is very low.

We offer them in their natural color (ecru) and these fabrics are all woven in different ways.



Find the samples of the Khadi fabrics here


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